Litter Croatian

Pantherinicoons Melanie and
E.C. Minstrel Halls Dandelion aka Schumi

The kittens are born on the 12th of november!
The proud parents are:

mooimel schumi
Pantherinicoons Melanie                    E.C. Minstrel Halls Dandelion aka Schumi
Black                                                   Red silver tabby

Inbreeding: 11,7%
Foundation Top 5: 70%
Clones: 29,6%

Pantherinicoons Bruno, black silver tabby

Pantherinicoons Zlata, black torbie white, stays!
She has her own page!


Pantherinicoons Tatjana, blue torbie

Pantherinicoons Danica, black torbie silver

Pantherinicoons Romano, blue tabby

Pantherinicoons Davor, black tabby

12, 5 weeks

All kittens found a lovely home!