Litter James Bond

Litter Eros and Cissy


The kittens are born on the 20th march 2008
The proud parents are: 

Kensdale Narcissa Malfoy, black mackeral white
Sleepyhollow Loverboy aka Eros, black smoke

Inbreeding:  14.2%
Clones:   35.6%
Foundation Top 5:  72.7%

The kittens:

Pantherinicoons Miss MoneyPenny, black white female

Pantherinicoons Caruso, blue tabby, female

Pantherinicoons Miss Penelope, blue white female

Pantherinicoons Double ‘O ‘ Seven aka James, blue male
Live with us and has his own page! JAMES

Pantherinicoons Dr. Alvarez, blue tabby white, male

Pantherinicoons Morzeny, black smoke, male

All kittens found a lovely home!