Litter Japan

Aldaker Gwendolyn and
I.C. Sleepyhollow Underground aka Alvin

The kittens are born on the 15th november 2010

The proud parent are:
Gwen Alvin4

Aldaker Gwendolyn                                      X      I.C. Sleepyhollow Underground aka Alvin
Black tortie white                                                  Black silver tabby white

Inbreeding: 13.5%
Foundation Top 5: 70.4%
Clones: 35.6%

Pantherinicoons Yoshi, red silver tabby, male, stays with us!
He has his own page! YOSHI

Pantherinicoons Kenji, Red tabby, male

Pantherinicoons Gin, black silver tabby white, female

Panttherinicoons Raidon, red tabby white, male

Pantherinicoons Chiko, black silver tabby, male

Pantherinicoons Keiko, black tabby, female

Pantherinicoons Miyoko, black tortie white, female

9 weeks

All kittens found a lovely home!