Litter Russia

Pantherinicoons Melanie and
G.I.C. Sleepyhollow Undergroud aka Alvin

The kittens are born on the 16th of May 2011
The proud parent are:

mooimel Alvin4
Pantherinicoons Melanie          x  G.I.C. Sleepyhollow Undergroud aka Alvin
Black                                             black silver tabby white

Inbreeding: 12.8%
Foundation Top 5: 70.7%
Clones: 33.3%

Pantherinicoons Zoyenka, black tabby, female

Pantherinicoons Nicolai, black tabby silver, male

Pantherinicoons Lenusya, black tabby white, female

Pantherinicoons Kisa, black tabby silver, female

Pantherinicoons Svetlana, black silver tabby white, female

Pantherinicoons Nikita, black tabby white, female

Pantherinicoons Fyodor, black tabby white, male

6 weeks

All kittens found a lovely home!